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Direct painting

Direct painting, (Alla Prima) is a wet-on-wet painting technique, typically used to complete a painting in one sitting. It uses comparative measurement as a tool to control proportion, value, temperature, colour and edges within a painting.



Conceptual drawing

Also known as constructive drawing is the principle of working inside - out. We look to capture the gesture, build perspective and volume using primitive shapes to represent the subject. It's useful when drawing from imagination and practical enough to use when working from life.

To be familiar with at least one approach is useful. Although, it's often through focused practice and repetition that gives us the most results.

I use and teach both concepts for 2D & 3D. Both share a common idea:

that's to simplify!

More information below.

See the life drawing section for independent practice or book below.

Figures From Concept

12 week course 

Starts 5th October 2023
Every first Thursday of the month

6 pm-8 pm

Bring a sketchbook & pen

-Learn the formal elements and how it applies to creative design
-Learn concepts for drawing
-Learn and practice how to transition from drawing to painting
- Supplement learning with life drawing 
-For all abilities

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    30 British pounds

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    20 British pounds

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    10 British pounds
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