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Direct painting

Direct painting, also known as Alla Prima is a wet-on-wet painting technique used typically to complete a painting in one sitting. It uses comparative measurement as a tool to control proportion, value, temperature and colour within a painting.

Once disciplined, it becomes much easier to finesse your painterly expression.


Conceptual drawing

Also known as constructive drawing is the principle of working inside- out. We look to capture the gesture, build perspective and volume using primitive shapes to represent our subject. It is useful when drawing from our imagination and is practical enough to use when working from life.

I use and have taught both ideas to work 2D or 3D. Both share a common idea:

that is to simplify!

It's useful to be familiar with at least one approach but find it's often through focused practice and repetition where we see the most results.

See the arts community page for more information about independent practice where you can work alongside myself and other artists.

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